New Crane models

Walker crane services is the main dealer for FASSI in the UK. Our sales team will create your own bespoke model to complete your task.

Tony Hitchcock: 07802 841641

Paul Nielsen: 07890 271012

For Sale

New Build

FASSI 660RA.2.24 with rear legs

Ready for body to be fitted, built for beavertail but can adapt if required. 


01708 867251

Fassi Cranes

Fassi was founded in 1965 and is one of the world’s largest loader crane manufacturers, producing over 9500 cranes each year. Fassi (UK) Ltd was set up in 1979 to cope with the growing demand for Fassi in Britain and is now well established with a national network of approved main dealers and service centres.

The Process

Once an order has been placed with us our After Sales Team will liaise with the chassis supplier and bodybuilder. On final completion we will contact you to arrange a familiarisation handover of the crane or we can supply fully certificated ALLMI lorry loader training if required.

The Models

FASSI cranes are tailor made to your specific needs. Models currently range from 1 to 150-tonne metre capacity with a maximum reach of over 35 metres. There are more than forty base models to choose from with thousands of variants to suit all applications. In order to find the correct Fassi crane specification for the chassis and body of your choice; we can provide you with stability and weight calculations to clarify all aspects of performance and safety in respect of the intended chassis crane combination.

Cutting edge

High Strength structural steel allows for FASSI to bo effective and lightweight 


To ensure a greater operational time on site


We understand that customers require length to complete complex tasks 

Advance operation systems

FASSI provides a wide range of technologically advanced systems, which allow it to be a world leader in operational efficiency and safety