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Mr. Ewan Hunter, fleet manager for one of the most important wood and construction material distribution companies in England, the Ridgeons Group, confirms the versatility of the Fassi FSC crane stability system, which uses the counter-weight of the material loaded on the truck bed to reduce the extension of the lateral stabilisers without compromising safety during operations of loading and unloading material. This presents a clear advantage in terms of efficiency and optimisation of services and is an important confirmation of how Fassi technology is appreciated by the market, gaining the approval of clients who enjoy the full potential of Fassi cranes on a daily basis.


Andy Goldsmith explains how Advanté, one of the leading suppliers of temporary office and welfare units for construction sites across the UK and Fassi have been pioneering 360-degree lifting in the UK since 2007 with its fleet of six-legged F800RA and F820RA models.
In the 1990s, MD Stan Chapman developed the Oasis range, a new type of portable office for construction sites. To deliver the ready-equipped cabins, on trucks equipped with Fassi cranes, Chapman approached Fassi agent Walker Crane Services.
Years later, Chapman needed a crane that could lift his seven tonne Oasis units through 360 degrees. Lifting safely over the front, side and rear of the vehicle would make deliveries quicker and easier.
Advanté, Walker Crane, Fassi UK and Scania devised attaching a military-style NATO beam onto the front of the chassis, behind the front bumper. Onto this is mounted an extra pair of outriggers, making six legs instead of four – two at the rear, two on the frame of the crane, and the extra pair at the front of the cab.


This David Watson Volvo FM460 8×2 rigid went on the road on the 10th January 2017.
It has been fitted with a front mounted Fassi F820 crane and Fly-jib giving it 25.8m straight line reach and also has front bumper stabilizers allowing for 360° lifting capabilities.
This vehicle is based out of  David Watsons Essex depot and driven by Lance.
The vehicle has been named Colossus in memory of Lance’s Dad Dennis who drove the original Colossus in 2004.

It is always a pleasure for the engineers at Walker Crane Services to work on such fantastic machinery such as Colossus. We think David Watson have created a great video to show off this Fassi F820, so we are pleased to be able to share this with you on our Lorry Loader TV page.  


With a vertical reach of more than 10 storeys, the F600SE has the highest reach of any wallboard crane in the construction industry today. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 kg 6,600 lbs.), a vertical reach of more than 35 m (115’) and a horizontal reach of 30.78 m (101’).
The F600SE has been designed to withstand extensive, intense operation through its high-capacity oil cooler, AGS automatic greasing system with braided, high pressure grease lines, and rigorous fatigue testing by Fassi technicians.
In addition to its exceptional reach and strength, the F600SE also includes a number of other sophisticated control, monitoring and safety components, including:
• FX901 control system, with 7″ color touchscreen display that allows the operator to view detailed information about the stabilization conditions and the crane work;
• Digital RCH / RCS remote control and the new V7 radio control units;
• Automatic Dynamic Control (ADC), which verifies all the crane’s functions and maximises the speed of movement in accordance with the load;
• FX900, the digital brain that coordinates and manages the best operating conditions for performance and optimal machine control, as well as the crane’s safety devices.