PGR choose FASSI for new Surrey depot

Date Posted: 21-02-2014

During May, PGR Builders and Timber Merchants were excited to announce the opening of their first branch in Surrey. Their two acre site is ideally situated in a prime location, with excellent road links to the M25, M3 and M4.

The new depot took delivery of three brand new DAF lorries, two six-wheelers and one four-wheeler, all fitted with Fassi cranes supplied by Walker Crane Services.

PGR are a very busy and successful independent Builders and Timber Merchants. Their vehicles carry out numerous daily deliveries and unloading of an assortment of products ranging from sheets of plywood, tonne bags of aggregate and heavy packs of Engineering Bricks. PGR’s whole business model is reliant on successful deliveries to their customer base including small builders to major developers. It is imperative that their vehicles are fitted with a crane that is not only suitable for the job, but is flexible and totally dependable.

The majority of the existing PGR vehicles are fitted with FASSI loader cranes and due to their excellent track record there was no hesitation in deciding to fit FASSI cranes to the entire Egham fleet.

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