Advante – FASSI is the key to our success

Date Posted: 21-02-2014

Advante has been trading successfully for the last 50 years, with the emphasis on Oasis instant start welfare. Advante is now the supplier of choice for many of the UK’s leading names in the construction industry. Oasis units weigh up to¬†7 tonnes so Advante developed its lorries to handle the heavy accomodation. Due to the nature of instant start welfare units they are often delivered to difficult and remote places. Stan Chapman, managing director, said: “Fassi’s involvement has been key in our vehicle developement. Fassi’s willingness to look at issues and work with us to find a solution has been instrumental in us acheiving our objectives. They have a ‘can do’ attitude, which is supported by their teams engineering experience. Our local Fassi agent Walker Crane Services reliability and overall performance through the years has also helped maintain high levels of vehicle operational time. The performance our customers enjoy from the various models we run helps reduce their costs and reduces the complexity of lifts. Having taken delivery of our second 80 tonne metre this spring we have placed an order for a third to be ready for deilivery by Autumn 2013.”

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